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G713 Ryzen5900 RT3070 poor performance, low GPU usage - solved

Level 7
Hi I just received my new laptop and I'm getting some very mediocre performance.

Right off the bat I noticed slight input lag in windows, its not much, but its not as smooth as my previous ROG laptop. In games the lag is noticeable as well... again, not much, but its there.

In most games there is 0 performance difference between low and extreme video options, the GPU usage just hovers around 40-50% and cpu usage around 10-20%.

In other games the GPU is at 100% but I get staggeringly low FPS, once again, no matter if its on low or extreme.

My friend has the exact same spec, but in an Acer, right down to the same QHD 165hz panel, its EXACTLY the same and his runs at the fps cap (165) all the time.

Having a real hard time figuring this out, ran the userbenchmarks program and I get good result 110% gaming, 99% desktop, 112% workstation. Though my ram is suspiciously low scoring only 48%.

Hoping its just a setting I'm missing somewhere...

Level 7
Solved; bad ram apparently... so the samsung ram that ships with this laptop is known for very poor performance, swapped to some hyperx dual rank ram and all is good now, userbenchmarks scores skyrocketted.