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G713 network connection malfunctioning since installing windows 11

Level 7

I have had this laptop for about 6 months and love it. Just wish i had gotten the smaller version, but i didn't figure that out until after I bought it. I decided to upgrade the windows 10 home to windows 11 Pro a couple of months ago and ever since then my network connection doesn't want to stay connected. I always have to disable/enable on start up and usually again if it goes to sleep for any amount of time. I have updated my bios and network drivers and that seems to have fixed the random disconnects and no internet when connected. However, I still have to enable/disable to get my connection on start up and wake up. My thought is perhaps the driver for the network device is not for windows 11 since it worked fine before i intalled it. When i downloaded and installed drivers from the site there was no specific driver for windows 11 and the one they had was the same one i had. I uninstalled and reinstalled just to be sure when I updated the bios.


ROG Strix G713IM_G713IM
BIOS G713IM.319

network card:

MediaTek Wi-Fi 6 MT7921 Wireless LAN Card


Level 7

I have the G713QR model and was having similar problems.   In my case, I had switched on WiFi Smart connect (or  "On" was the default in one of the updates) .  It is found in the MyAsus program under customization (scroll all the way to the bottom).  Turned it off and there has been no issues with my wifi since.  Hope this works for you. 



unfortunately it didn't work, hopefully someone will have a solution. So far the only I've seen is to replace the wifi/bluetooth card with something different and i'm not sure i can even do that with this laptop. Not sure it will let me download drivers for another card...


Level 7

I also updated my drivers to  from the link below.  I took the chance that they were universal and they installed with no issue.  So between the two things I did the internet has given me no problem.


Level 7

I worked on this for awhile so it was a little more involved.  Suggested the easiest thing first.  I checked my notes that I kept while trying different things.  The following  was done before I updated the drivers.  Found this information on the net, Cleared internal memory and checked if the problem was still there, then reset my Bios.

internal memory cleaned

  1. Shut down the laptop
  2. Hold power button for 60s (probably less than that)
  3. Release power button
  4. Laptop boots
  5. Does Wi-fi module works again?

Reset Bios

  • 1. Shutdown PC
  • 2. Press & Hold F2 button before pressing the power button
  • 3. Keep holding the F2 button until you reach the BIOS menu.
  • 4. Reset bios settings (Short key: F9)
  • 5. Save & Exit (Short key: F10)
  • 6. Boot up & connect!.

I also have turned off "Fast Boot" recently to fix some other issues.  

Also, Google "How to fix WIFI 6 (Mediatek MT7821) disconnects Randomly?" by Hamza Mohammad Anwar for other possible suggestions.  Found it to be very good.

Good luck


Level 7

I have a similar issue but I am having it on the Ethernet port now. I love this laptop but I have had so many issues with it and it's only 3 months old. Have you guys also experienced issues such as other drivers working erratically? My other USB C port doesn't work and the also the USB HD camera I got also stopped working.