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G712LW high temperatures

Level 7
Hi, I have this laptop (i7-10750h- RTX 2070 ) from 9 months. It's summer now but temperatures are so high, cpu reaches around 85-90ºC and gpu reaches his max limit of 86ºC with armoury crate performance mode. It's while gaming of course. When I'm watching videos, browsing, etc cpu temperatures are from 40 to 50.

I wonder how can I solve this. Surely GPU thermal stock paste is a cheap and not a good one. CPU has liquid metal but.... Do you know how good is it?

Could be helpful repasting both cpu and gpu with arctic mx-4? Or mx-4 for gpu and an expensive liquid metal like grizzly conductonaut for cpu?

Would like to know if doing that would reduce temperatures, at least 10-15 degrees, and what is the best option. Thank you