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G712L Secure boot prevents PC from starting

Level 7
I have a ROG Strix G712L.
32Gb RAM
2 x 1TB - M.2 NVMe drives
NVidia 2070
Win10 Home

I have upgraded the laptop to Win10 Pro (keeping all the data, not wiping Win10 Home), Secure Boot was disabled during upgrade, and everything was fine.
After a few days I decided to reinstall Win10 Pro (again not wiping the drive) because I had some networking issues (after doing a Win 10 debloat).
This time I forgot to disable Secure Boot before doing the reinstall and although the reinstall was just fine when I tried to reboot it wouldn't.
It stops after about 5 seconds just after the ROG logo appears.
I can access the boot menu so disabled Secure Boot but still won't boot.
I enabled it, no boot.

Then I booted from a USB stick, no problem, the PC is working.

Then I installed Win 10 Pro on the other drive I had in there (clean install as that drive was brand new), I disabled Secure Boot before doing the installation, and the PC boots just fine from the second drive.
I can access everything on the first drive, so the drive is fine.
My question is how can I make the fist drive boot again?
I suspect the non-boot issue is caused by me not disabling Secure Boot BEFORE re-installing Win 10 Pro on the first drive.

Google search only brings up instructions about how to enable / disable Secure Boot, which I don't have an issue with.

I presume I could wipe the first drive and re-install Win 10 Pro that way but I prefer to keep everything on it.

Any help would be appreciated.