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G614 JV crash after cloud recovery or fresh install on new or old ssd

Level 7

I started to experience random reboots. Windows could not be booted no matter what. Reset was not available. Cloud recovery works but system crashes blue screen after recovery has completed the installation for some time. After it's a no boot again. Automatic start-up repair has never worked once with this laptop.

The same happens if I do a fresh install of a different copy of windows 11 (no cloud recovery) and then install the drivers. Crash can happen before or after the drivers. I tried with new ssd, same result. Different brands of ssd same thing. 

Note that this happened using two identical g614 so this is hardly a hardware problem and most likely not tied to a specific machine.

Sometimes is winload.efi missing, sfc /scannow finds errors after cloud recovery and makes things worst, you name it. 

Any advice would be welcome. I would not want to rma a laptop I just bought and whose hardware is impeccable and seems just fine (is it?), if it's a software thing that can be fixed. 

Help guys!!!