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G55VW Left USB 3 Ports Doesn't Work

Level 7
Hi, I'm having issue with the two left USB 3 Ports doesn't work. I can see them in the bios but not being recognized by Windows when plugging in a thumb drive or any USB devices. The two ports on the right are working perfectly fine. I have reinstalled Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Driver several versions including the latest version from Intel or Asus support page, still no go. Thanks for the help!

Edit: I don't have Live Update Utility installed.

Level 10
Install this and they will work:

Intel USB 3.0 Driver v1.0.7.248

Level 7
Should i uninstall the previous driver then install this?

Yes, and uninstall it from Add Remove programs not from device manager
G752VY-DH72 Win 10 Pro
512 GB M.2 Samsung 960 Pro
1 TB Samsung 850 pro 2.5 format
980m GTX 4 GB
32GB DDR 4 Standard RAM

Z97 PRO WiFi I7 4790K
Windows 10 Pro
Z97 -A
Windows 10 Pro

taupeng wrote:
Should i uninstall the previous driver then install this?



and make sure to restart after you uninstall. then install the new one, then reboot again

for god's sake, these are questions only someone who has just got his first computer yesterday would ask

Level 7
Oh ok wise guy, i'm just trying to rule out any possibilities of error.

Nope, still doesn't work. 😞

Level 9
is all device unable to recognize at left USB 3.0 port? is it able to charge?

Level 7
I did the full clean install following the guide, still a no go.

The two left USB ports are unable to recognize and not able to charge too. I'm planning to take the laptop to a Asus Service Center today.

Level 13
have you tried to remove the usb charger plus?

Level 7
Yes I did.