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G55 Cleaning Guidelines.

Level 7
I would like to request that the ROG team and the community compile guidelines on cleaning the Asus G55VW, the following areas should be covered.

  • Cleaning the Display
  • Cleaning the keyboard
  • Cleaning the Air Vents

For starters, ASUS does provide a screen cleaning cloth with the G55 package, but it will only clear off the dust from the screen, small spots left from liquid spills or humidity, won't go away.

Please mention whether your recommendation is for Gloss or Matte Screen.

The keyboard is fairly easy to clean, please do recommend the best techniques.

Finally, the air vents, this is probably the most important and most difficult task, unlike the G75, the G55 does not allow the owner to open the fan container from the bottom of the machine and clean out the fans.

Waiting for feedback.


Level 10
Appears to be a good suggestion!!

Level 7
I'm hoping Asus will prepare a cleaning guideline for the G Series (55,75). Similar to the upgrade guide on these forums.

Level 7
Thumbs up for this post. I hope Sirs from here would post a guideline that won't hurt our warranties. 🙂

I hope there will be a separate cleaning advise for the Air intake part and the Air exhaust part, and I would like to add a "cleaning material suggestions" part of the guidelines on which cleaning materials are best to use.