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G55 Bios 217 - Do we get "graphical" UEFI like Asus motherboards?

Level 10
Hi there, just flashed Bios 217. When I press F2 on boot, I see the regular "old style" Bios. Do we have UEFI on the G55, and if so do we get a "graphical" UEFI instead of standard BIOS? I'm confused by the whole thing, to be honest.

Edit: OK I read ... We do have UEFI but no graphical "BIOS" interface? Can we get one?

Also: Bios 217 took away Bus Speed controls. So there appears to be no overclocking through BIOS. Is this correct? No big deal, just making sure.

Level 7
Honestly this UEFI thing kept me busy the whole day but I wasnt able to find out whether there is a graphical userinterface or not - I for one wasnt able to find nor acess it, sry. Hope somebody else is more into this.

Ok I think I have the solution... your Laptop indeed has UEFI which "provides" the possibility for a Graphical User Interface.
This by no means forces ASUS to implement it, which I do can understand. Since there is no need for us laptop users to access the UEFI frequently, like people that own an enthusiast-level mainboard, there is absolutely no need for a GUI.

In short: You can feel reassured that everything is ok with your laptop.

217 is missing alot of option that is on the 209 that i had to down grade to get back.

Level 9
BIOS is the best 206 ! six months Indians write bios ? : D