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G53SX SSD can't be seen in BIOS

Level 7
Ok I have a G53SX (1.3 yers old) with an 80gb SSD (not sure which type right now) and a 750gb normal drive. It's come up with the boot fail and in the BIOS it doesn't see my SSD drive, just the 750gb and the CD drive. I had just left it on and fallen asleep watching a movie running it through my tv and it has a powerdown function after a few hours but when i woke up and turned it on it just said boot failure.

I took it to my Asus repair shop because its under warranty but the guy was an idiot and didnt even try anything just said "uhh u need new drive, we put in new drive and you lose everything, ok?" Which would have been more believable had he not said it to everyone In front of me in the queue, I actually want to try things that might make it work again before letting him touch my laptop. Or even just to see it once if its disconnecting so I can grab all the data etc.

I've seen many weird techniques for computers but are there any for laptops under warranty that can't be opened?

Any ideas are greatly appreciated
G53SX with an SSD that's vanished 😞

Level 9
so now, are you laptop able to boot? is it you install ssd that can not boot or? what is really problem and what do you need help now?

It came with the SSD from the factory but suddenly the SSD disappeared from the BIOS and has constant boot failure
G53SX with an SSD that's vanished 😞

Level 14
1) Try entering the BIOS, restoring default settings, then Save & Exit.

2) Try swapping drive bays with your HDD to see if the SSD is recognized.

3) If that fails, remove the SSD from the laptop, install it in a USB Drive Enclosure and see if it can be accessed from another computer, even a desktop. If you gain access, backup any important files and run SSDLife to confirm the drive is healthy.

If the SSD remains inaccessible, say some kind words and bury it in the backyard...
G74SX-A1 - stock hardware - BIOS 202 - 2nd Monitor VISIO VF551XVT

Cheers, I gave it a go but sadly no luck, after a few days I've given up and given it to a specialist but thanks for your time !
I guess this threat can be closed, cheers
G53SX with an SSD that's vanished 😞