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G531GW keyboard not lighting up

Level 7
Hey guys, I have a G531GW and recently I have encounter a problem.

On battery mode, normally the RGB lights on the keyboard turn off during idle, and by moving my mouse, the RGB lights will turn back on.

My problem is that at random times, after the RBG lights turn off during idle and later when I move my mouse, the RGB lights will remain off.

This does not occur often and it happens at random times. Does anybody know the root cause of this?

Level 7
Try to update drivers. It usually helps me )
You may also try to find some information at the manual.

I think all my drivers are all up to date, and until now, the problem of my keyboard lights is still present.

Tbh I am disappointed, I spent about 2000 dollars on a laptop that has not been even a year old which keeps having multiple issues other than this keyboard light issue.

Thanks for trying to help me though.