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G51Jx Built-In Mic Problems

Level 7
Hi guys, i bought my G51Jx about a year and a half ago. Up to yesterday, the built-in mic was working fine. While I was skyping and playing LoL, my laptop overheated and crashed. When I restarted Skype, my friends said my mic sound had a lot of background noise, and my voice was very soft. I later recorded myself, and this is indeed the case.

I bought a headset from Best Buy today, and the mic function was fine when i plugged it into the jack. I still want to get the built-in mic to work though, as its a pain to wear a headset to skype with my girlfriend and stuff.

Also, if its to any use, it seems that theres 2 holes on the front and 1 on the back. The one on the back is obviously the sensitive one, but I have to talk literally right into it for my voice really to be heard. The 2 on the front dont really do anything, I don't know if its supposed to be like that?

Anyways, help would be greatly appreciated!

Level 7
I really dont know if this is a hardware or software issue, since it was working fine before. can overheating somehow screw my mic function up? What if i system restore to before the crash?