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G513QY Second SSD no boot option???

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I have installed SSD in the second M2 slot on MB. Initialized drive with windows disk management formatted drive NTFS all is working fine in windows. However, the bios does not see the drive as a bootable drive only the original SSD listed under boot select.
My question is how to I make this SSD seen in bios as a bootable drive, So I can clone windows to the new SSD? Or do I have to switch them physically on the main board to use as bootable drive, also when initializing the drive I did not select the bootable option from windows disk management software. (wasn't sure if i should set up a bootable drive yet)
I have cloned windows 11 before on desktops, but which drive is the boot drive was always set from bios, when I did not see the second SSD as a boot option in bios it confuses me. Thought the new SSD was no good, but it is fine.
The second SSD is seen in bios under in easy mode under storage.
Asus Rog G15 G513QY Strix Advantage Windows home 11 laptop.

You can't boot from a drive that has only been formatted as a data storage device. Have you tried a cloning tool that makes bootable drives? (Macrium Reflect is my tool of choice)

Also, on some systems the boot order (where you select USB, removable, hard drive) is separate from the actual hdd/ssd selection. There is another menu option to choose which drive to use.
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To make multiple drives bootable in the same system,
you need to install windows onto each drive as the 'lone drive' in that system.
After installing Windows onto multiple drives in this way,
all the drives can be reconnected and the BIOS will let you choose which one to boot using F8 during the boot sequence.

Ok had a feeling not selecting make boot drive in windows disk management would come back to bite me. Ok so I need to set as a boot drive in windows for bios to see as a boot drive. One more question can I have two boot drive in windows does that matter?

Level 10
If you choose 'make boot drive' while other drives are installed in the system, all other boot capable drives will no longer be bootable.

My system is a desktop. It has 4 bootable M.2 drives installed.
Using F8 during boot allows me to choose, Win 10, Win 11... and so on.

Thanks I understand now.