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G513QC and Dell docking station WD19S

Level 7

i bought a Dell docking station few days ago to simplify my setup as i use the G513 for both work and game
but when i plug in the WD19S docking station from dell on the computer, it does not work
the docking station works fine with another computer (MSI).

the only way to get it working is to plug both the docking station AND the power supply from Asus.
if i unplug the power supply from asus, the dell docking station seems to deliver power to the computer, but after something like 10 seconds, the docking station stop delivering power and disconnect/reconnect
this is in an infinite loop

as the WD19s works fine with other computer (lenovo, msi...), i suspect the Asus computer to be in fault.
what can i check ?
Thank you

It looks like Dell has a firmware update utility. I would recommend checking to make sure there isn't a newer firmware.
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I tried. it is up to date.
the fact that the docking station work on any other computer seems to show that it's a problem in the Asus computer.

edit: to explain better
my guess is the computer takepower from the docking station, but for unknown reason stop the USB interface after some seconds.
if you plug the power supply of the computer, it works, perhaps because the computer does not try to take power from the docking station
like if the computer was protecting itself from surge or something like that on the usb-c interface....

Most likely this is because the Dell dock attempts to act as a charger but is unable to supply sufficient power. The stock power brick from ASUS is 150w but that dock can only supply 90w (theoretically). If the notebook and the dock are unable to negotiate power delivery then you will get the stopping and starting behavior you see. This is why I was hoping perhaps a firmware update could help by updating the logic used for negotiation of the connection.

I'm not aware of any way to tell either the notebook or dock *not* to attempt to charge so it sounds like the solution is to make sure the OEM power supply is connected.
A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station…