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G513 (2022) - Color profiles and PQconfig file for Dolby Vision support for G153

Level 8

Is anyone with a G513 willing to share their 'C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color' folder with me?

Hello everyone, I own a ROG STRIX G15 with model number G513RW. I did a clean Windows install upon receiving it. But I can't get Dolby vision to work despite all my efforts. Dolby access app has no vision settings and I can't playback DV media. After some investigation I found out that after a clean windows install, color profiles and DV license can disappear. People resolved that issue with getting the profiles (.icm and .dv files) from another user with the exact same model. I would really appriciate it if someone with the G513RW or similar could .zip their color folder ('C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color') and link it to me. Thanks in advance!


Level 12

Welcome to one of the issues affecting some of the Asus 2023 laptops

Thank asus for it, because for some reason, they didn't create a standalone driver for the color profile 

Theres a driver for HDR certification, but not for the color profile 

If you want the color profile driver installed or recover the ICM files, you will need to install armor crate 

I know, installing armor crate defeats the purpose of a clean windows install but thank asus for that! 

I created a thread with all these issues and bugs l, in one thread, but a mod closed the thread

So, people will continue to create hundreds of new posts asking about this issue

Makes sense! 

Thanks for the answer. I already understood the situation regarding Asus support.
Regarding Dolby Vision: I don’t know how, but I managed to get the settings in the Dolby Access application and the Dolby Vision icon when viewing supported content in the Cinema and TV application and the Windows media player.





That's cool but if you want everything working nice you need to install the color profile driver properly, by using the armory crate

Copying ICM files is a workaround too if you can find someone that can provide the files

Maybe someone can help you, my laptop is other model



As you can see that's what asus do regarding issues @TheTyXeD0 

As you can see they closed my thread reporting for the missing color profile after a clean windows install

I even asked asus to make a standalone color profile driver without the need to install armory crate

They close everything 


Color profiles are already installed. I hope everything will work)



Buddy, how did you get the logo displayed while viewing the native Windows 11 apps? I have Dolby Vision tab available in my Dolby Access app but I can't see any DV content anywhere on my laptop but only in the Dolby Access app, and only those DV demo files, as soon as I go full screen brightness increses and I see a very low res Dolby Vision logo on the right corner. But that is it. I downloaded bunch of test files from everywhere and I play them with Windows 11 Media Player but I can't get the DV to activate... My laptop is a G533 Scar 15 from 2022