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G16 4060 G-Sync Causing Stuttering Bad Lagging

Level 8

Weird issue I seem to be having.  I noticed on my new G16 My games were lagging, To the eye looks like bad FPS drops as if its going from 150 to 40.

I put on NVidias performance Frame rate option and I noticed in fact the frame rate was not dropping but the visual drop was definitely there.

After some digging around I tried disabling G-Sync altogether and now my games are butter smooth but with some screen tearing.

Does anyone have any ideas about this?



Level 8

wow no one having this issue?


Hello Theninjagecko

I'm not sure of the exact model of your G16 so I don't know the refresh rate of your display or model of your gpu but, your G16 has an Nvidia gpu.

What to try is setting a Max Frame Rate a few frames per second below your monitors refresh rate. For instance, if your monitors refresh rate is 144Hz, set the Max Frame Rate to 140Hz. This should eliminate the tearing.

Let G-Sync disabled as it can add input lag.

How do your games play after setting a Max Frame Rate?

Max Frame Rate.png


Level 8

I tried this but made no difference.  It feels like G-Sync Is broken on this laptop. Reinstalled windows, tried 10 and 11 and only time the games run flawless is with G-Sync off. With it on the games run awful.


Ok, so you're still getting screen tear with setting a Max Frame Rate.

Try this.

On the Manage 3d settings page, on down the list is a setting called vertical sync. Set vertical sync to application controlled, then in the game settings turn on vertical sync.

How do your games play now, is the screen tear gone?