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G15 Advantage Edition G513QY - No 6GHZ SSID after upgrading to Intel AX210

Level 9

Hi, recently upgraded the WiFi card on G513QY to Intel AX210 (with 6E support) because of the issues with the Mediatek card (Only Wifi 6 support, no 6E). After upgrading, I can perfectly use the 2.4 and 5 Ghz bands, but my laptop can't see or detect the 6Ghz band.

My router is the GT-AXE11000 model from ASUS, and has the 6Ghz radio setting ON. OS is Windows 11, and latest drivers from Intel are installed.

I've tried everything like rolling back to driver version, upgrading drivers again, fresh Win11 install, confirming my country (Turkey) has adopted wifi6e, turning on/off PSC from the router interface and so on...

I got on the phone with ASUS support, first they told me that my ISP has to support it (can an ISP enable/disable the 6Ghz broadcast from the router?). ISP said they can't do anything about that. On the second phone call with ASUS, they told me that my laptop doesn't support wifi6e out of the box, so no matter which card I upgrade to, the laptop will never be able to support wifi6e.

Has anyone been able to get the 6Ghz band working on this laptop or on any other device that came with no wifi6e out of the box but later been upgraded?


Level 9

By the way, I don't own any other Wifi6E supported devices unfortunately, so I can't check if any other device can detect/connect to 6Ghz badn on the router 😕

Level 9

I have the same unit you do and Im going to be getting a Wifi 6 Router in say two weeks and will test this for you. I too ditched the MediaTek card and am using the one your using. I just dont have a Wifi 6 Router; yet. I just went with the card because it was semi proof for a time and works when the MediaTek wasnt. See my other posts on that problem. It does seem drivers finally might have solved the Media Tek card issues. Ive read from another post that their updates from MediaTek are helping.

I sold the G15 last week and bought the Scar 16 2023 instead. It thas wifi 6e and 6ghz support out of the box and with it I can connect to my 6Ghz. It seems that asus support was right that the unit as a whole must support wifi 6e out of the box, not just the wifi card.

It was probably one of the antenna not fully seated.