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Freezing issue on battery power with Asus Rog G513QE

Level 7

Having freezing issue when switching to battery power with Asus Rog G513QE.331 with the 3050 TI GPU with Windows 11.

Description of issue:

It works fine as long as i keep the laptop charging.
Once I unplug it works fine for 1-5 minutes after which it completely freezes.
When frozen

  • no key combination works

  • mouse is not moving.

  • all backlights stay on and the Aura effects still work.

  • the battery light is blinking

  • if any video is playing I noticed it sometimes can keep playing the sound only

  • If the the power cable is plugged in before the system freezes the system continues to work normally.

Troubleshooting done so far:

  1. changed new battery - issue is still happening

  2. Did a BIOS update - nada

  3. Tried to limit the Armory Crate permissions from BIOS

  4. Did a full windows reset with fresh drivers installed - to mention here: if I let MyAsus app do the installs for me then it installs AMD drivers for the on board GPU as well as Nvidia driver. Afterwards then the system freezes randomly even when it's charging - so I had to uninstall the AMD drivers (took several tries to do that as it was constantly freezing) - but still facing the freezing on bat power issue.

  5. I have disabled the onboard GPU to see if that fixes anything - no luck

  6. Trying now to change settings from Nvidia control panel so it always uses it instead of rolling back to the onboard GPU. (so far no success)

I think it's a software/driver issue as I can use the laptop on battery power with Linux Mint and it doesn't freeze on BIOS. I think it's related to switching the GPU's on battery power mode.

Additional info:
I had another issue with this laptop and had it serviced. The screen just went blank one day suddenly though external display worked. After it was serviced everything worked fine for maybe half a year but couple of month ago got this issue with the battery power.

Unfortunately my laptop is freshly out of warranty (!) and no Asus service centers in my country so i am quite literally stuck with this... And to think i bought a portable display as well just for it.


Level 7

Update: The issue is not happening if I connect to an external display and keep the laptop lid closed.