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Freezes all over the place on my both Asus Rog Strix laptops

Level 7


I have the Rog Strix G17(2021) and after a year and half of working perfectly the laptop start freezing with no apparent reazon in every situation it happens more when i plug the charger but freezes whatsoever in every random time. For this reason last month i bought the Asus Rog Strix G17(2023) both devices are AMD the oldest from series 5000 and this new one is the 7945HX with the 4080 and 2 days ago start doing same thing freezing and rebootin with no reason or apparent work load and i dont even play games with these are the models 2021 G733QS and 2024 G733PZ which i registered last month.

If someone know what to do i have everything updated on both laptops and i dont think is just a coincidence must be a problem in some bios update or something like that i dont know but i see too much people reporting these same problems.

can u guys help me please.