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fps is not as high as it was

Level 7

so in december of 2022, i bough my first laptop, a rog g17 with a rtx 3050ti, a r7 4800H and 8gb ram and it worked great, i was getting really good fps on almost every game with preaty much high settings. but, around september of 2023 that changed, i started to get low fps for some reason, even tough i took lot of care for the laptop. for example: in gta v online i was getting around 120-100 fps on almost max settings, but now i get like 70-50 fps, even on the lowest settings, the thing is even if i switch them back to max settings it still get the same fps.

I tried lots of things like: -i cleaned it (there was barely any dust)

-reinstalled windows 10

-update all drivers

-check for any corrupt files

-select high performance gpu in nvidia control panel (i made that setting in the day i got it)

-set it to turbo.

i think this issue started because i reinstalled my windows in september, because when i did, i couldn't connect to the wifi in the setup, i dont think it has to do with any of this, but i decided to mention it.

if anywone could help me i would appreciate it a lot. (btw sorry for any typo)


Level 12

What games are you playing ? Also first thing you can do is upgrade you ram on my laptop i haved 16gb ram and in some games i haved fps drops whed i upgrade the ram my problem was fixed so first upgrade the ram to 16gb that will make you ram also dual chanel and will improve stability and performance when you do this and still have a problem write again 🙂 8 gb ram is just not enough in 2024

Another thing before upgrade try to optimize ram usage and turn off some windows service's but check in youtube what you canturn off and what is safe to be off

When you start a game that have low fps check in task manager your ram usage if your ram is maxed this is the cause of the lower fps 

Also is not a problem that your windows wasn't connected to the wifi when install it the problem on the clean install is that all processes are at default and they can work even when you dont need it that is = more ram usage so fix this problem first for me that is the main cause 


Hello Sergiu24n

Check the windows power plan is set to balanced, if the windows power plan is set to power saver, gaming performance will be dismal.