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fps drop in new rog laptop

Level 7

I got a problem with my g16 2023 it randomly does fps drops benchmarks and everything is fine my setup is i9 13980hx with 4070 
here is the log that I got from gpu z  
one of the frame drops example is on 23:03:51 
help please my laptop is brand new and it's not even a month that I did purchase it .

I am running turbo mode with gpu ultimate

the link of the gpu z log :


Level 12

10-15 pages back from this you will see so many posts whit solution for your problem so go read few posts and you will find the true there 

can you please send the link I can't find it

Its not only a one link it easy just check few pages back and search for similar posts whit stutters overheating read you can fix your problem and read something its hard to send you the correct post becouse is not only one and i also must check them 

Level 12

The Intel i9-13980HX is a very demanding processor and needs additional settings to be able to work reasonably properly.

For example, check out the threads on this forum and on the TechPowerUp forum for some good tips.