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For the love of god, let us configure the ram timings on our laptops (g533qs)

Level 7
The only real thing we can do right now is flashing a different bios, and even then there are some issues... The website shows v. 309 as the most recent bios version, but it turns out that some annoying software that can only be installed through the disgusting microsoft store allows you to update your bios to version 313, without having the option to update it yourself. To top this off, something is broken regarding the spd module, because cpu-z won't display any info at all in the spd tab on version 313.

Of course, the bios is completely locked so there is simply no way to see what is going on. It doesn't even show relevant info on the advanceed tab, the most relevant thing one can do apart from flashing is disabling some armoury crate interface?. So there is no way to see what the spd reports on my new ram, nor is there any way I can potentially use the xmp profile, or manually set the timings to other than the lame jedec spec, if that is what the kit is actually running at... since there is something broken on the current bios, I have no real way to know.

Come on, even MSI laptops allow this kind of thing. So much for a "republic"!

Level 8
Downgraded as well from 315, now on 309 the SPD tab can be read, so Aida64, Thaiphoon Burner and CPU-Z can display their info properly regarding memory.