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Flaky Keyboard Keys

Level 7
I don't have much to complain about the G75, it's freaking awesome. Even though I fell victim to Asus live update utility trying to update both USB3.0 drivers and the quick charge drivers w/o reboot which broke USB. Sub-woofer issue doesn't bother me at all, and I've never had a gaming laptop run cooler than this one 660M < 70C in game.

But I can't believe there has been no complaints about the keys on the keyboard being kinda flaky.

I find that while typing, if I happen to click on the corner of a key, particularly the top-left corner of a key, it won't type. More so with my weaker fingers, like my pinky or ring finger. And the increase in Typos is driving me nuts as I also use the laptop for coding.

I removed some of the keys to look under it , and it seems that the little rubber caps under the keys are way too thin. And when I click on the corner of the key, it bends to the side instead of sinking straight down and making contact.

Does anyone find that they are missing key strokes a lot more with the G75, and the keys just feel really flaky.

Level 7

My keyboard keeps falling asleep and only wakes up a few keystrokes in. No idea how anyone uses these machines.