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Flaky Keyboard Keys

Level 7
I don't have much to complain about the G75, it's freaking awesome. Even though I fell victim to Asus live update utility trying to update both USB3.0 drivers and the quick charge drivers w/o reboot which broke USB. Sub-woofer issue doesn't bother me at all, and I've never had a gaming laptop run cooler than this one 660M < 70C in game.

But I can't believe there has been no complaints about the keys on the keyboard being kinda flaky.

I find that while typing, if I happen to click on the corner of a key, particularly the top-left corner of a key, it won't type. More so with my weaker fingers, like my pinky or ring finger. And the increase in Typos is driving me nuts as I also use the laptop for coding.

I removed some of the keys to look under it , and it seems that the little rubber caps under the keys are way too thin. And when I click on the corner of the key, it bends to the side instead of sinking straight down and making contact.

Does anyone find that they are missing key strokes a lot more with the G75, and the keys just feel really flaky.

I also have this problem and it's pretty frustrating. I find myself typing poorly and spending a lot of time fixing typos. My son has a g75 also and he says my keyboard is worse than his - but it's very subtle. It seems to be hit and miss thing with G75's. It would take a long time to have my keyboard replaced, which I may do before long. Who knows if it will be better. In the mean time I've order a good compact mechanical keyboard.

I ordered the "Cooler Master CM Storm QuickFire Rapid." I'll post how it compares to my G75 keyboard. I expect it to be much much better. Even so, I'd still like to fix my G75 keyboard.

Just a note on mechanical keyboards. Many mechanical keyboards are available with different styles of mechanical key switches inside. Most of the key switches are made by one company and the style of switch is designated by color. I choose the "blue" style because they are best for typing - not gaming. The blue switches have better feedback in terms of feel and sound, but they are worse for activating on and off really fast. For gaming you'd pick a different "color." It's explained pretty well here:

I love my G75, but I don't recommend it to friends because of the keyboard.

Has anyone replaced their keyboard and been happy with the result?

Level 7
I have a G75VW-RS72 which doesn't type a space very regularly. In fact, if I touch the front or back or ends of the space bar, usually nothing happens. Sometimes other keys don't work either. I'm hoping to return it anyway, because it was sold to me as a 3D screen, which it isn't. I just hope that if I get another G75, the keyboard works properly. I have to re-type everything to insert spaces and fix missing letters. I've never had this problem before in more than 30 years of computer use. Very frustrating on a new computer, especially if I'm trying to type something up quickly and have to go back and fix up so many missed blanks and characters. I should have typed this without fixing it up! That review on Amazon that mentions occasional keyboard problems in a customer review, also has at least one other mention of keyboard problems in the comments as well.

If a customer has keyboard problems, I hope Asus fixes these under the warranty. But how much for return postage and handling? I'm in Australia.

Level 8
Yeah got the same problem here. Really need to press hard to get the keys to register. and Backspace is really slow.

Level 7
I have an issue with my escape key, where it doesn't like to work until I push it really hard and then it works fine for a while and after about 5 mins it needs to be pushed hard again. It seems to be getting better over time though and I rarely use this key so I don't mind.

Level 8
Yeah, I feel the same way, I have a lot of mistypes on this laptop, specially when it comes to writing essays for college. It gets pretty annoying. You can however get somewhat used to it, just punch the keyboard instead of pressing it...
As for the angled space bar, I like its idea. It's angled for a reason, and that reason is gaming. When you are using WASD to move around your thumb falls exactly in the left corner of the space bar, which is why that side is a little elevated. This being a gaming laptop a "ROG", you will be using the space bar a lot. And that actually helps conserving the key, as it prevents it from getting weak on that side and making it getting wobbly as time passes by since you put constant pressure down on that side, not on the middle...

It seems to be getting worse by the day!
They tld me to re-install drivers... WTF?

I got the G75VW a few months ago and I absolutely love it. I've read reviews and have come across some boards talking about the terrible keyboard, but decided to risk it since it had a great price. The keyboard is actually the best keyboard I've had out of my previous desktop, current desktop, and previous laptop. The resistance is just perfect and the clicking is just loud enough.

...HOWEVER, my wife had the G53 and had a whole myriad of problems with it. She finally returned it through Best Buy and they hgave her the G75VW as a replacement as it was the closest laptop to her G53. The keyboard is terrible on it. It sounds exactly like the problems you guys have been having. I'm going to call ASUS tomorrow and see if we can get a keyboard replacement or something.

It may be that you all just have defective keyboards. Like I said, this is certainly of the best keyboards I've had.

Your still with in you return period, I would take it back to Best Buy for an exchange and try it out before you leave! I agree my key board is excelent also
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Doing exactly that. My wife is working on a book and it kills her to have to put up with that keyboard.

The issues she's had with her two Asus laptops were probably the reason she just an iPad =(