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Feedback for GL553VD BIOS 304 ?

Level 9
Hi everyone!
Just noticed that there is the BIOS 304 update for GL553VD by 2017/11/29. If anyone installed it, did you notice any changes? And most of all, does it affect FanBoost functionality? I worry if it could bring this shutdown problem back.
Also, is every new BIOS officially recommended for installation, if I encounter no problems with current version? I'm asking because Asus Live Update does not detect this update somehow.

Thanks in advance!

I updated to 304 but bsod driver power state failure still when i run any game that need hard use of gpu

ccristiangalvez wrote:
To update the BIOS to the latest version, go to "device manager", select "firmware" and look for updates there. It will be a while until this update is seen on the asus support page. In addition, in this way it is not necessary to update by means of a pendrive, the process is automatic.

nice!!! thank you for sharing. TO THE TOP my friend!

btw. i think that 305 bios somewhat make the laptop more warmer than the 304.

bios 306 is out
any improve? or any change at all?

bestasensual wrote:
bios 306 is out
any improve? or any change at all?

nope as always, and there's not change log