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Feature Request: Please Place USB Ports To Left side of the Computer in next gen laptops.

Level 8

 My USB ports are wiggling because of bumping to the USB sticks connected to them with my hand. Since Most of the wireless headphone sticks have a approx. size of a pinky finger, amount of torque effecting those USB ports is huge. Also right side of the laptop becomes really narrow to use a mouse with this placing.

Also please come up with a better solution for charging cable. Hanging it to front makes all the Left Ports useless and hanging it to back of laptop makes the left airway completely blocked.  Only usable version is placing the laptop to the corner of a desk so that it hangs to ground. Please change it in next generations with a straight cable for example. I know it is hard to place them anywhere you want because of the space limitation. But There has to be a better way than this.  

ROG Strix G18 owner. 

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Level 9

I relate to this, i just got myself a USB C hub and used everything I need on it , leaving the right side empty.

Level 8

I tried that also but that makes me unable to put my laptop to a stand since it hub connection makes pressure to the usb c port.  

I use a cooling pad with it too, I don't think its that pressure, these USB ports are not like the old ones, it can hold is much as you can until you see it disconnecting.