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Fan Speed always on Max full speed

Level 7

I'm almost losing my mind, please help.

My ROG strix g17 laptop just has both fans running at full speed every time. i have tried everything!!! Reconnecting the wires, cleaning the fans (found a lot of hair though), armoury crate controls, my asus uwp checkup is able to check the fan and even drop the speed during its check but after that its back to full speed as usual . i need help, what can i do. i am not under warranty and i dont live in a country where ASUS cares about their products, so there's no repair center here.



How do your temperatures look for GPU and CPU?

Under armoury crate, what mode is your laptop set to? (Silent, Performance, Turbo, Manual?)

So sorry I saw this late, on Armoury crate it's 45 - 55oC

No matter which mode I change it to, the fan doesn't change speed. Always on 6400 for CPU fan and 6300rpm for GPU

Even if the computer is turned off the fan starts that way at the press of the power button. There's no way to control it in bios.


The only time it drops speed is when I unplug the charger then it drops to 5400RPM for both. Which is still noisy.

The second time I notice a more significant speed drop is while running the fan check diagnosis in MY ASUS, which always returns with NO ISSUES.


Hello Maxieto,

A bios update could possibly fix the fan issue.

In the link below, enter the model of your laptop. Then on the right in blue, click Driver & Utility, then click Bios and Firmware

The latest bios version will be listed first.

Download Center | Official Support | ASUS Global

I have installed the latest BIOS update.

It did not work.


I even downgraded the BIOS, it still made no difference. I'm back to the latest BIOS update again.



Maybe the windows power plan is set to High performance.

Try setting the windows power plan to Balanced or Power saver.

power plan.png

That too I have tried. Literally no difference


All right, no help with the power plan either.

Open Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del) and see if anything is putting an unusually high load on the cpu and/or gpu.

You can check the gpu on the performance tab on the left hand side.

task manager.png



Literally nothing unusual there..

It's barely above 3-4% and GPU is idle.

I mentioned that the fan is this way as soon as press the power button to turn on the computer. For real, the very moment the screen comes up. 

Of course no process has loaded by this time. Even windows would take a few seconds more to load.

I have restored PC to factory settings, didn't work, did a clean installation of windows, still didn't work.