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Facing Stuttering Issues In G614JI

Level 8

my strix G16 G614JI RTX 4070,i9-13980HX  in everygame my laptop stutters its been only like 3months i never checked how the gaming performance was when i bought the laptop, so i just started playing games in it recently and it stutters so much even the audio it is extremely annoying and frustrating can anyone help me out with this one, it even stutters in low graphics,

i have the latest graphics card drivers installed, tried with the stable version recommended on reddit
done the tweaking someone recommended in older posts
tried somethings in nvidia control panel like disabling g-sync
at last out of desperation even reset the whole laptop

the issue remains same


Level 12

In this forum is write a lot for problems like your just go read some post write in the search bar "stutters, lagging" or something like this and you will find information 

When you find and read some post's write again here if you still need a problem

Thanks For Reaching out, i am actually coming from other forums i have seen them also in one of the forum you posted your profile and suggested someone to try manual profile image_2024-04-06_130432673.png


something like this i also tried it but still stuttering, also in one post someone said stuttering was fixed and now buttery smooth after updating the graphics drivers i am currently on latest version of the drivers 552.12 and even went to the one someone recommended i cant seem to figure out whats wrong would it be regarding the thermal paste? or some issue in hardware?

thanks for reaching out.

Level 12

Watch this video by Jayztwocents start at 12:33


Thank You, I will try it with plugged in once the electricity is back.


I have gone through everything but issue still happens, i cleaned everything. Issue is still there i will just go to the service centre. Thank You For Your Help

Hello,Thank you for sharing such a good video. But issue is still there even after setting everything according to my specifications. I will just contact the service centre thank you very much