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DSR factors option missing in Nvidia Control Panel. Asus Scar 18. G834JY

Level 8

My Scar 18 model is G834JY with a 4090 graphics card. Few months ago I discovered that is doesn't have the DSR Factors option in Nvidia Control Panel. I contacted both Nvidia as well as Asus customer support and both of them told me that DSR factors is not supported on this particular model. 

Nvidia's Reasoning: "This laptop only has normal optimus instead of Advanced Optimus"

Keep in mind, Asus advertises this laptop as an advanced optimus laptop on their webpage.

Asus's Response: "This laptop's display is a VESA display with DSC enabled."

Which upon cross checking I found out that DSC actually doesn't work with DSR factors. 

I paid a high premium price for a top end gaming machine and now I'm being told that it can't even handle DSR? 

ASUS please push this issue and implement a fix for this. 

My experience with Asus customer support has been terrible since neither can they identify what DSR factors means or does nor do they update me regularly. I've been stuck on this issue for weeks and Asus has been like, "Your case has been escalated." Man if it was escalated, why isn't there a fix yet? 

Asus please work with Nvidia and make DSC and DSR cross compatible. Or in the very least provide me a solution in which I can use DSR. Because you guys don't mention these details when advertising the product on a fancy webpage. I don't have any external monitors and had to do a lot of digging and research to find out why it doesn't work.

I hope Asus sees this post and acts upon it ASAP. Maybe here I would have more luck.


Level 10

I have the same model and the same problem, i can't see the DSR and NIS (nvidia image scaling) options in the Nvidia control panel. Please can anybody verify if my chain of logic is correct about this issue?

If the following statements are true:

1) DSR is only supported on Nvidia "advanced optimus" laptops

2) DSR and NIS  in order to work needs the dGPU to be directly connected to the monitor. This can be acheived by disabling the iGPU using a MUX switch, or by connecting the laptop to an external monitor.


Why is DSR and NIS not working on a laptop that satisfies BOTH requirements? It is an "advanced optimus" laptop, and has the MUX switch. Yet DSR doesn't work, Not even by connecting the laptop to an external monitor. 

What should i desume then? That this laptop doesn't really exclude the iGPU not even in "ultimate mode"?  , or that this not an  "advanced optimus" laptop (yet sold as one)


Before i give my opinion about this particular issue i ask you and lucifer X devil, do both of you have mini led screen on your scar 4090?

And airwave, i see you completely ignored my private message from 5 days ago

We should help each other i think


Please check the stuttering thread, there's important information there

And do this with RDR 2


Hi Scar16_4090, no I do not have a Mini LED Display. My model came with just the simple 1600p Nebula Display.

Level 10

Hi there. 
Personally I think there is very little chance of this changing.
Have a look at the official article by Nvidia over here.
Second last point on that article specifically states that DSC mode (Display stream compression) is not supported.
Our Laptops use DSC and it is listed on the technical specifications for the laptop. 

Level 10

This answer could be acceptable to explain why DSR doesn't work using the internal monitor. But when we connect the laptop via HDMI to an external monitor, the characteristics of the internal monitor should no longer matter. If MUX switch is doing what it is supposed to do, the iGPU gets totaly bypassed, at that point the dGPU should behave like a desktop GPU for all intents and purposes. Do you get DSR when you connect a desktop gpu to a monitor? yes!, so We should too in theory. I read (non verifiable i admit) claims  on reddit that laptops of other manufacturers with MUX switch and high refresh rate monitors (like ours), are perfectly capable of using DSR and NIS, as long as they activate their version of "ultimate gpu mode". So here's my doubt fair and square. Is iGPU really disabled in "ultimate GPU mode"? this doubt is reinforced by the fact that while monitoring games with capframe X, i see the metric  "GPU2 usage" (aka the iGPU) that hovers at 2 to 3%, should that be 0% if the iGPU is NOT ACTIVE? then what's the point of the MUX switch? something doesn't add up.

@ SCAR 16_4090

i have answered to the message, i will soon read the thread and see if i can be of help.

Level 10

Very good points you have raised there.
DSR factors are not available for me either on an external monitor.
My older notebook had a mux switch with a RTX 3070 Gpu and DSR factors were available.
I guess we will have wait for an official response from Asus and Nvidia.

Level 10

Was your older laptop an "advanced optimus" laptop too? if yes it is another disturbing element that adds to my doubts. My main gripe is not much the inability to use DSR, but that this problem prevents me to also use  DLDSR a feature that i was looking forward to use. To Asus i say, the question posed here is pertinent, just give us a clear not equivocable response on the matter and you will receive nothing less than appreciation and gratitude by us.

No it did not have advanced optimus just normal mux switch. It was the old MSI Ge76 Raider, but it did support DSR and DLDSR. 

Level 8

I really feel like Asus should start looking into this issue when other competing laptop brands are offering support for DSR and DLDSR with a simple turning on of their mux switch. It's unacceptable that their top end laptop does not support this feature. We did not ask for a DSC display and honestly I did not even notice that they specified that their display supported DSC otherwise I might have gone with lenovo.