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Driver version for gtx 1060 with best performance ?

Level 7
Just curious as to what driver version people are using for the GTX 1060 (laptop version) with the best performance. I'm currently using 399.24 simply because I heard any driver version higher "nerfs" the non-rtx based gpus.

Level 10
I use the latest version, but latest week my laptop GL703GM has been damaged.
Send it to service and the motherboard has been changed.
Now all are working fine, but I have FRAME DROPS in all games.

The games drop frames at every 1-2 seconds, then working (FPS >100) fine for 2-3 seconds, then 1-2 seconds FRAME DROPS, and so on :rolleyes:

I have kit of 32 GB RAM Kingston HyperX CL15, GTX 1060 dedicated 6 GB 😞

It's like in this Youtube video:

Frame drops in GTX 1060

Level 11
419.67 is currently the best one for Pascal based laptops and desktops. Keep in mind, the difference in performance is really small, but it's there.
If you want to read more about it:
Also, check out the nvidia subreddit. They post benchmarks after each driver update, for Turing and Pascal cards. Very useful!