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dpc_watchdog_violation error (Blue Screen)

Level 7
Hi Rogers;

Yesterday when i playing Tomb Raider I get this error and my laptop is restarted automaticly. I see one error about my graphic card, after that i uninstalled my nvidia driver and downgraded to 306.10. After this downgrade everything was seem good but when i watching movie or some videos screen is freezing and after that playing like a slow motion.

Is anybody facing same problem with their g75vx? And does anybody know what is solution about this matter?
Asus G75VX

Level 14
Antivirus drivers are often the cause leading to this type of BSOD. See

What Antivirus software are you currently running? Consider UNinstalling it and rebooting for troubleshooting purposes. You can install Microsoft Security Essentials to provide Antivirus duties during this test.
G74SX-A1 - stock hardware - BIOS 202 - 2nd Monitor VISIO VF551XVT

McAfee was installed and i uninstalled it after this error. But again i faced with this error after uninstall.
Today i will try install latest driver for nvidia and uninstall all unnecessary games and softwares.

I looked another forums for solve this thing but couldnt find any useful information.

Thanks for reply dstrakele.
Asus G75VX

Level 14
McAfee was implicated in DPC Latency spikes leading to video and audio stuttering on G75/G55 Windows 7 systems. Perhaps the conflicting driver failed to uninstall and is still causing problems on your laptop.

1) You could try using a utility like Driver Sweeper to confirm McAfee is completely UNinstalled. McAfee may even have their own utility to cleanly uninstall the product.

2) You could run the BlueScreenView utility by Nirsoft to examine the MiniDumps and obtain the filename(s) of the driver that may be the likely cause of the BSOD. It may be from a different 3rd party product.

3) What Antivirus software did you replace McAfee with? AVG Antivirus has also been implicated with this BSOD on Windows 8 systems.

4) Folks on (see the thread I referenced in my first post) will actually debug your MiniDumps to help isolate a cause.

5) I see from your previous posts you've installed the NVIDIA drivers several times. It's fairly common for NVIDIA driver remnants that failed to uninstall property to cause problems. If you are not performing a 'clean' NVIDIA install by choosing "Custom Install" and checking the "Clean Install" checkbox, start doing it from now on. You may need to use Driver Sweeper to remove the problematic NVIDIA driver remnants.
G74SX-A1 - stock hardware - BIOS 202 - 2nd Monitor VISIO VF551XVT

Level 9
if install driver from asus website and uninstall antivirus, is it same?

Everything seems ok for now.
I uninstalled antivirus and installed 311.00 nvidia driver.
Asus G75VX

Level 7
I just started getting this error the last couple of days. the above does not help me. does anyone have any other possible solution?