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dont plug phone charger into Rog strix g15

Level 7
TL;DR: tried charging my laptop with my phone charger from the wall... broke some stuff.. seems to be fixed after abit of tinkering.

So, i noticed alot of laptops can be charged with Usb-c recently.. and then i saw my laptop also had this function.
However it is recommended to use the proper chargers and not use non-taylored items, alot of information online hints that with the stardardized USb-c ect the risks were negligable.

So, then i decided on a whim to plug my phone charger into the wall and then connect the usb-C to my computer.
-just to see whether it would at all recognize the charger applying any minute amount of electricity to the battery.. not that i ever intended to do such a thing extensively.

what took me by surprise; was that even though i only had the thing plugged in for litteraly 10 seconds... checking that nothing was happening and giving up on the idea and unplugging,
when i connected the normal charging brick, it didnt charge, and it didnt recognize the charger.

so to keep it short:

-I checked the battery with the diagnotic program. it was fine.
-I tried deactivating and reactivating the drivers for the ac stuff, but nothing changed.
-I also uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers.. no difference.
-I tried to restart the computer, to no avail.
-i tried to shut it down, and power it back up, .. no change.
-I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the power supply in different ways, with no luck

I then shut the thing down and opened her up
-I then disconnected the battery and tried to restart with only the power supply ... it wouldnt start...

but alas, i had given up,
-I then reconnected the battery and turned her back on, and there she was, charging and all.

I have no idea what damage this may have caused to my computer.. but i definitely wont do it again.

Just wanted to share this in case someone were wondering about doing something similar, or were facing a similar problem.

-Asus Rog Strix G512LW
-Huawei Phone charger 2-4A, 5-9-10V, 40W
(note charger slightly damaged with some exposed copper wire, but still charges phone normally, even after all this
-European 240V outlet
-yes i know i am stupid 🙂

BTW, the trackpad seriously needs a plastic screen-protector also. makes for a much less annoying experience.