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Dolby vision fix strix scar mini led

Level 8

Guys and girls. I noticed netflix didn't work with dolby vision. Dolby vision was working with cable unplugged(battery mode) but then windows hdr was switched off. So I tried windows hdr off then watch dolby vision in netflix and voila I could watch dolby vision content plugged. I tried kodi and the colors in movies were popping. Tried a video game and hdr was working. Made a profile to use multi zone in games. After playing windows hdr was on again. So I think... Windows is messing up our dolby. Screen. The laptop is programmed for. Dolby without using hdr in windows.. If you use windows hdr move the hdr bar in the hdr settings all. The way to the left as we don't need correction on these mini led screens. Let me know your experience. BTW this is not driver dependent. Windows needs to upgrade their hdr software.  One note as far as I can see the mini led is 10 bit dolby vision coded not 12 bit like oled. 


Level 12



You need color profile installed or Dolby Vision will not work

The color profile is only installed with armor crate, there's no standalone driver for color profile (I learned this the hard way...) 

Whats your laptop model? 

I have the scar strix 16 rtx 4080. I tried a colour profile but the colors stayed washed out. And dolby vision wasn't working with hdr on and plugged in only with hdr off in unplugged mode.