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Does upgrading your laptop can void the warranty?

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So I bought an Asus rog laptop GL503VD a few days ago and i ordered a RAM in different store. after the RAM has arrived i installed it along with the ssd that the laptop store gave me as freebie. I was not able to install the ssd since i cant get the screw out. the RAM is compatible and works just fine.

But few days after i found some dead pixel in my laptop screen. Im not really sure if I had bought it with the defects alrady in the screen, since im not able to test it in solid background color before buying it.

So my question is does opening the back panel where your RAM and ssd slot are located (upgrading some specs) can void my warranty?

No, this should not void your warranty but ideally you would want to check your local laws. Here in the US the tamper stickers were recently made illegal. If you still have tamper stickers in your country you should verify the legality before breaking them.

However you should return the machine to stock before submitting it for warranty service. Two reasons: in case they need to replace your machine you would lose your upgraded parts. Also so that any issues cannot be blamed on your upgrades. If you have modified the machine they might just say it is your part causing the issue.

Of course do not damage the machine when working on it. If you damage anything your warranty may be denied.
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Thank you. yes, tamper sticker still legal here in the phillipines. I didnt remove or scratch any sticker attached to it so I guess my warraty still valid, brought it also to the store where I bought it a while ago to have it checked and they said it's for pull out. So I guess they're gonna return the item to ASUS for replacement or repair.