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Does asus use custom pin io on laptop keyboards?

Level 8
I really hate how the GL531GT doesn't have a numpad. Instead it has the fairly stupid (imo) Preference key thingy. Will the keyboard from the gl503 work connectivity wise? EG If the shell was modified to hold a gl503? or does Asus use a different io between its different boards?

Will give me something to do down the road after upgrading to a 120hz display, adding a fan behind the speaker and getting a custom heatpipe layout.

If it does work connectivity wise i'm not 100% on whether to mod a gl531 case to fit the keyboard or mod a gl503 to fit with the gl531

Level 10
Hello jasonmbrown,
Sorry I'm a bit confuse. You would like to have a numpad (virtual numkey on touchpad) or actual num key?
GL531, which is the same as G531, which has a model that has "numpad".
You may take it into your concern.
Please kindly do not change the hardware since the BIOS and driver design are different between each model.
It might not work as expected.
Thank you.