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Does asus repair center stock up on laptop parts not sold in the country?

Level 7
So 3 years ago i bought the strix G531GV when travelling abroad. As far as i know this model of the laptop is not sold in my home country and the version that is being sold has a different keyboard design (the keys are fully solid with no translucent part on the symbols of the keys). So a few days ago i noticed that if i pressed down my "w" key for more than 3 seconds, then my escape, number 2, F1 and F2 key wouldn't work unless it was being pressed along side another key. through my troubleshootings i've determined that it is a hardware issue.

I would like to know whether or not the official service centers can get it repaired (possibly with the same model of keyboard) and whether or not they would need to ship out a replacement from overseas. much help would be greatly appreciated, as i cant get any definitive answer from google. thanks in advance