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Does Asus have support of any sort for GL703 coil whine issue?

Level 7
I have a coil whine issue in a newly bought GL703 laptop. I already got 2 units with the same issue, and keep seeing similar treads and complaints. I write to Assus almost immediately to verify if this behavior is to be expected from this model, cuz if so I just pas on it (along with Asus), if not I would need to get another replacement. I takes them 4 days to write back an empty letter with assurances of their high quality standards and apologies. I ask them again the same question, cuz I want to stay with the 14 day return policy. Same apologies, and nothing specific. I tried the chat! First it took forever to connect, as theres only one representative (talked to him twice in 2 days!), he also apologizes and says that although he is technical support assistant he doesnt know if the issue is normal or not.
All promised to escalate the issue. Now its been 12 days I still get no specific information, and they keep ignoring me (second time the guy just quit the chat).
I dont know, may be I want too much from them? And 2000$ purchase doesn't really entitle you for any bit of time of their employees?

Korth's post to you 2 weeks ago pretty much says it all. If you are experiencing an issue like coil whine that is endemic to design and several units have left you unsatisfied I would just return it if you still have the ability to do so. You may be able to keep swapping out machines but at some point ASUS or your reseller may refuse and it could be worse than the one you have now.

But here's my take on your support question.

ASUS has support in the sense that it has people who can assist with troubleshooting some issues and facilities for mail-in repair for issues beyond the ability of phone support. If you want to interrogate them about the rate of incidence of a particular complaint or anything else beyond their limited scope they will not be able to help you. This is typical of phone support everywhere in my experience.

I used to work phone support for another company and representatives are only given enough information to do the job they are hired to do. They have no secret information or special insights and they are expected to stay on task. They can't know whether a complaint is typical of all products sold because ASUS (like every other company) does not disseminate that kind of information.
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Yeah, Im on a third unit from a different vendor, and its got exactly the same problem! Im veeeeeeery disappointed, I really love this model, but I just cant believe it Asus fkd up the whole GL product line! I keep switching them, cuz thats what tech guys at stores propose, everyone admits that this is not normal! Also, I saw someone said on this forum that it might be just a faulty bulk of that same model that arrived in my region (Montreal), and I kinda wish that was true...

As for their support, I dont know... to me its in-existent. I asked them questions before, about my previos laptop that was giving me hell after the win 10 upgrade (which they advertised to be fully compatible), but they never gave me any advice only offered me a 60$ diagnostics over 2 weeks cuz my warranty had expired.
But this time they topped themselves. I wait replies for 4 days, and there are 3 people (wtf?!) are talking to me all at the same time copy-pasting the main part of the message, with completely different solutions!!!!!

x: Please note that there should not be any buzzing sound coming from your speakers. Can you please verify if you only hear that sound when the unit is connected to the power cord and adapter? Also, did the unit fell before you started noticing this issue?

y: I understand that you want to know if this device is affected by coil whine. Your case was reviewed by our engineering team which confirmed that this device is not affected by coil whine.

z: I would like to apologize for the disappointment that the laptop ROG GL703 series have been giving you. Our gaming series laptops do omit at a certain frequency that is noticeable to those that have sensitive ears. Understand that this at no fault of your own. I personally have heard from coworkers that they too hear the electronic buzzing and myself included can hear it faintly in the ROG series. The higher frequency is more common amongst our gaming series since.

I even provided several sample recordings to show what happens when the device is plugged in, on battery, low/high performance power mode, and measured the noise with an app and it peaks at 4000Hz and -70 dB! Even the guys at the store express their regrets, and they clearly honest, and not just stand by their corporate policy (best buy). Yet asus engineers and whoever else dont even bother to reply in 4 days (which i think is enough to look up any information) to very specific questions, even though I notify them I only have 14 days to figure out what to do. I don't even mention its a 2000$ (in Canada) product!
Complete mess!

I hopefully will know an answer soon. I'm pushing the limits to see if anyone at ASUS can fix the coil whine.

I was able to find a local ASUS support shop that personally knows one of the RMA managers. That RMA manager managed to get my 4th RMA for coil whine expedited into some kind of special RMA. I believe the product should be coming back soon. If this RMA doesn't work, I doubt your RMA experience will be any more successful. (I'm paying this computer shop money to have them manage the free warranty process for me.)

The processor C-state solution from Microsoft mentioned in other threads helped mostly (though I couldn't get Throttlestop to work on mine). My problem is that I'm a heavy Linux user, so I need to find a way to disable C-states in that OS. The downside is that I noticed disabling C-states meant I was using more power and the fan turned on much more. I'm trading coil whine noise for lots of intermittent fan noise, which is better, but still obnoxious for a $1500 laptop.

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Return it and take your money back. You can RMA it as many times as you want, ALL of them will have the same issue because all of them come out of the production line like this. There's "nothing" to be fixed, as they are designed like this. To fix this issue they would have to re-design the PCB, use different components and so on. Not gonna happen.


I bought GL703GS from TURKEY and I have same problems.. Buzzing sound from speakers when I listen piano music which gives scratchy noise around 125 to 500 hz. Cant believe that ASUS f***d up this model.Its not even a cheap model.... Also when I dont listen anything, I listen coil whine noise which comes from the right side of the laptop. Constant and annoying..... Prefer to listen loud fan noise instead of that stupid noise...

Very annoying coil whining noise especially when I'm trying to work in a quiet room.
I like the laptop but this issue should be fixed, it's unacceptable for $2000 laptop.

I have GL704GM with the same noise..i changed it 3 times. All the three unit has the same noise..I don't understand how can a big brand and premium category be like these. It's very annoying. In the power management if u put the processor on 99% both ways it more quite.. But than you cant use the whole power of the cpu.
Today i will try the throttle stop maybe helps.. if not i return it and ask my money back. I really love this laptop the design and everything but this noise drives me crazy. I'm concentrating all the time at that noise..I think is unacceptable at this price..