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Does anyone with a GL703G laptop NOT have coil whine?

Level 7
I'm getting ready to RMA my laptop for a 4th time. But I don't know if ASUS even has working hardware out there, no need to RMA it if ASUS has no ability to fix it.

So if you have GL703 laptop, do you hear the following: When both the CPU and GPU fans turn off, you are plugged in running in high performance mode, do you hear a scratchy/screechy sound, near the 6 key or near the main speakers above the function keys? Do you hear it getting worse when you move the mouse across the screen?

Level 9
I've never experienced it, BUT...………

1: I wear hearing aids and they are never in at home gaming or using my laptop
2: I always have vacuum coolers running while I game
3: I use a tv as a monitor so the sound is always through the tv or stereo

I've spent about 50 hours on the laptop by itself. When I first bought it and the first clean install of windows. That time was spent setting up downloading installing and of course rebooting. I've heard the fans while downloading, the 😧 drive while installing and while setting up the pc I listen to a little music, play video, and play with sonic studio; all just to make sure everything is working. (I've never experience any scratching!!! or sound associated with mouse) or never experienced coil whine that was enough for me to notice. I always run high performance everything.

Having read your previous posts, it seems your having a heck of a time. Good luck!

Level 11
I think asking if someone hears coil whine is like asking them if they have input lag. Different people will report different results, specially regarding coil whine. Many people can't hear it because of their age or simply because they have bad hearing. I know for a fact that my GL502VSK has coil whine, I can clearly hear it specially when moving the mouse, but my wife can't.
Same goes for input lag. I have a friend who can barely tell the difference between 40 to 60 fps, let alone input lag.*

Many people can't hear it because of their age or simply because they have bad hearing.

Many people can't hear it even at "prime" age with "perfect" hearing. Coil whine is not a yes/no thing, the noise is always present to some degree in every oscillator - it's judged (by the manufacturer) to be "inaudible", at least to most people most of the time and with most devices under normal usage.
"Psychoacoustic" effects are variable and unique for each one of us, imperfect semiconductor qualities are variable and unique for each manufactured part or assemblage of parts. Sometimes all these parameters match up in the worst possible combinations.
And, of course, operating things out of rated spec (ie: overclocking, overvolting, undervolting, excess heat) puts more electrical stress on the parts - coil-whine is sometimes a good barometer for indicating when your hardware is starting to redline.

Pre-emptive answer to the question which will be asked:

No, ASUS warranty does not normally cover coil-whine (unless it explicitly says so).
But yes, ASUS will still sometimes accept RMA for reported coil-whine. At their discretion. Especially if it seems particularly noxious.
It can help a lot (and certainly won't hurt) if you can submit some sort of audio or video recording which demonstrates the coil whine. And if you can explain why you find it offensive or unacceptable.

Also, google offers plenty of "solutions" and workarounds for coil-whine. Some of which may seem inglorious and low-tech, but are still effective enough often enough (and cheap enough) to be worth trying. Beware that some of these approaches may void your ASUS warranty.
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I can only hear it when I put me ear right up to the keyboard of the laptop otherwise it's not noticeable during normal use, and I think my hearing is pretty good for these sort of things. Sounds like you might have got a bad egg unfortunately, just hope you're not having the battery draining issues I and others are having.

I hear a little bit. Not enough for it to be annoying or to be heard with headphones on, though, my left ear drum got perforated a couple years back and I have tinnitus in it.

Same issue on 2 units i got from a reseller. I dont think this is notmal, never encountered anything like it on any other laptop (i fix laptops), and previous generations of rog laptops didn't have this issue, as least those I owned.
It may be okay on a graphics card in a desktop, but when you are only a few feet away from the screen all the time, its very annoying...

My laptop is Asus Rog GL704GV and it has coil whine. I managed to get rid of it. So my solution is when I am on balanced mode /switched by armory crate/ to go to windows power options = high performance = change plan settings = change advanced power settings = processor power management = minimum processor state /change to less than 100%/ I put 50 %. Now there is no coil whine. Same operation to the other silent mode, turbo mode etc....