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Do you have fps problems in ROG STRIX GL703GS ? Enter here

Level 7
Hello everybody, how are you doing. I told you that less than a month ago I bought a Asus Rog Strix Scar Edition GL703GS-DS74 Laptop. The problem was that when playing, I had a lot of limit power. Many problems to run demanding CPU games. Battlefield - Black ops 4 - Overwatch. With fps of fps and use of GPU of the half. So I decided to try to find a solution from many sides, entering here as well. But nothing. When watching YouTube channels I find a youtuber who did everything to his laptop with the same problem. Undervolting and more things to be able to raise the charge of the current charger to pass the 35W, which has the control limit there. And following your guides something better that I was going, but it was not STOCK the solution. In his last video the account in summary, I never thought that adding another ram module, the problem would be solved (dual channel), so I decided to take the risk, I sell the 16gb stick and buy 2x8gb yesterday. And you know what? problem solved. They do not know how happy I am. I got tired of sending mails to ASUS to which they replied that it could not be true. I am honestly from Argentina and these things cost us more because the guarantee is from the USA. In my case and it seems that in the case of several this problem is normal. In games NO cpu plaintiffs did not pass. I wanted to leave my experience so that if it happens the same, do what happened to me. and not things like touching things that you should not.

Regards !