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Do the rgb lights on the GL504 randomly freeze for anyone else when set to rainbow?

Level 7
Basically whenever I have my rgb lights set to the rainbow effect, in no particular time interval, the lights will just freeze in place and will only resume when I open the aura core software again. There is a certain pattern that I have noticed:

- The rgb lights will rarely freeze when idling and doing something like watching videos
- The rgb lights are more likely to freeze when gaming
- For some reason when I'm typing for a long time, the rgb lights may freeze

I've tried setting the priority of both AuraListen.exe and the LightingService.exe to high, and it may just be a placebo, but it feels like it helps somewhat, although not entirely, as the lights can still freeze. If I have the rgb set to something like colour cycle, the lights will not freeze at all. That's why I'm wondering if this is a problem that everyone else has and not just me, considering the fact that opening the software fixes the issue.

Level 7
Yes, they freeze randomly for me too. not sure why, this didn't happen before.