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Display issue with G531GV-DB76

Level 7
Hi Guys,

Had this issue happen today suddenly with my G531GV-DB76 laptop.

The screen started to have vertical ghost lines. Thinking might be some issue with my HDMI cable of my external display, tried to remove and plug it back. But the issue was still there.

Thinking restart might solve the issue, when restarted the screen went black, i can hear the ROG startup logo but the display went pitch black. Een though i can use the laptop connecting to external montior. Once boot up , the laptop screen went completely black, but external monitor was working fine. In device i can only find a single monitor which was my external monitor.

Then i tried updating Intel graphic card driver as there was an update, after updating the laptop screen reappeared but, again i can see the vertical ghost lines.

Then upon checking the refresh rate, it was set to 60hz. i tried to set it to 240Hz, but again it went to black screen mode. So reverted back.

Would be glad if anyone can help me resolve this issue.

BIOS, Drivers, everything is upto date.


Nvidia doesn't recognize the laptop's display but shows my external monitor

Level 7
Also the 3ms overdrive button is disabled in ROG Armoury Crate.


Maybe, you better to check the hdmi 2.0b support Hz rate.

joetong wrote:
Maybe, you better to check the hdmi 2.0b support Hz rate.

Hi Joe, The HDMI was working fine with my external monitor where i have a Aorus 27" inch which supports upto 165hz. but i have set it to 144hz. Had no issue with it.

As far as i have seen device manager, my external monitor is connected to Nvidia output and my laptop screen with Intel which has issue.

I tried restarting and updating drivers, now the laptop screen isnt detected. Only external monitor is working fine.

The laptop has only 1 HDMI output