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Disappointed with the GL703GS

Level 7
Hi guys,

Bought a GL703GS with a GTX 1070 2 months ago and I'm incredibly disappointed with the laptop. It has developed numerous issues.

1. Thermal temps out crazy high, I have to lower the volts in Intel XTU in order to get decent temps
2. An array of dead pixels across the screen
3. Gamma issues when waking up the device
4. Stuck trackpad at times
5. REALLY poor battery. On balanced I will get around 48 minutes.

I use it for my business which is a pretty large and expanding company and I wanted to rely on this being a portable solution to be able to do graphical work and some video rendering for the social media. ASUS have been pretty cold in their approach and asked me to simply send it off for repair, which I reluctantly tried to do, as when you pay this mouch money £1,699 GBP you kind of don't want a fix on such a plagued laptop, a replacement or refund would be the better more comfortable option.

None the less luck wasn't on my side as the fix was supposed to take 3 working days? But DPD lost the tote on their van and I have been told I have to arrange another tote personally which can take 5 working days. Not good huh. At this point I'm really fed up by the whole process and experience.

Are there any ASUS reps in this forum who would be able to step in and help?

Thank you so much.

Level 7
You have a bad one as my GL703GS has been spot on. BIOS 307 fixed the trackpad stutter.

For the temperature, raise the rear or place the notebook on a cooling pad. ThrottleStop can help by undervolting the CPU which will reduce temperatures. I have the previous GL703GS; it can spike as high as 95C, however under sustained CPU load it will hold below 80C
Here both Prime95 & CineBench R15 are running CPU is in the mid 70C region, ambient being aprox 25C/26C. Performance us very solid and temperatures fair for the size of the notebook. I use mine mostly for work purpose and it has been great for the last six months, in your position I'd contact ASUS and RMA it.