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did my GL702VS repaste, carefull of misinformation

Level 7
Like many of you I watched that detailed youtube video of the GL702VS repast with Artic Thermal pads and liquid metal past (I bought the artic pads but non-metal Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut paste.

I'm not saying his recommendations are wrong 100% since its possible his laptop is a different revision of mine and the gaps between the mosfets and GDDR modules are different.

I bought the small 50x50x0.5mm artic thermal pad and the large 150x150x1.0mm pad. I even sent him a PM through youtube asking if he was sure the 1.0mm was thick enough for the GDDR modules and he responded yes. (I think he got his info from somewhere else)

Amyway, As I did my installation I was frustrated to discover the 1.0mm pads are not thick enough for the GDDR modules. Also, he recommended the thicker 1.0 on the bigger row A of mosfets which was also way to thick.

Looking at my photo of the GDDR modules, You can clearly see 1.0mm pads are barely making contact. I'm currently running the laptop this way while I wait for the 1.5mm pads to arrive. As a last resort I even added some thermal paste to help fill the gap, You can see just see where the thermal past on the pad is helping make a small amount of contact. When I first booted the system, I immediately started to see graphical glitches/screen tearing in the windows environment. Luckily within 2-3minutes it went away. I think some of the modules weren't making any contact but as everything heated up there was enough expansion to make some contact. At this point the system is running great and I haven't seen any weird screen tearing nor had any crashes. (but I will be replacing the 1mm pads asap).

In the youtube guide he uses the 1.0mm pads on the bigger row A mosfets. Looking at my photo I have the 0.5mm installed on both rows. When I first tried the 1.0mm pads on row A, the copper heat sink gets raised way to high up (also gets put on an angle so its impossible for row B to make proper contact).

What also bugs me is the sizes of thermal pads I ordered. The larger 150x150 are pretty expensive and way to much for this job. Ordering 1 small 50x50x0.5mm for the row A and B of mosfets is more then enough. Then 1 small 50x50x1.5mm for the GDDR modules will also be enough and it would of saved me a lot of money.

Other than all that the GPU/CPU repast went well. I can't see I've noticed a huge drop in temp but these laptops are funny with the fans. They are happy to let the system warm up hotter than I would like and rely on throttleing to control temps. If anything I've noticed my fan speed jumps around a little more than before, meaning it doesn't need to hold a constant higher rpm to maintain temps, they sometimes spin down a little under load.

I run my fans on 50% boost all the time.

My laptop always sits on a AUKEY Laptop Cooler

CPU undervolted 120mv

GPU running a custom curve from 1695mhz@800mv to 1860mhz@900mv

Only playing pubg at the moment with an external 1440p G-SYNC monitor my GPU temps hover around the high 60c's low 70's. The CPU is around the same never going over 75c. The gpu does do a little throttleing with my curve, but games run really well and never crash.

If I run the system with no bottom cover on the cooling pad my GPU will stay in the low 60'c with the CPU doing the same. I also get a solid 1860mhz while gaming with zero throttleing.

My next goal after fixing this repast job is to make but holes in the bottom cover so the fans can get proper airflow. I might even make a third hole in-between the fans to cool those heatpipes directly and further take advantage of the laptop cooler.

Well I think I've said enough for now! will update this when I get my 1.5mm pads and take more pics.

Level 10
News? How is it going after repaste (please specify)?
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