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Cyclic stuttering with laptop asus rog strix G614JV

Level 8

Hello, Im having this strange issue with this new laptop, in windows desktop the performance seems good, but in any game I got a very bad situation, every 2 seconds aproximately the frame rate drops and the recover and drops again, in a continuos cycle, from the first second that the game starts.
I have checked temps, the CPU is 93-94° and GPU is around 70-80°.
I have reinstalled windows many times, manually installed a clean windows 10 and 11, no antivirus, only windows, drivers, and steam, same issue, tryed some versions of nvidia drivers, and the asus too, but the result is the same, as you can see in this video: 

Allways with AC power, with turbo profile in armour crate, tryed manual limiting the watts in PL1, PL2, seem to take a bit more in show that drop:










Im really lost here and dont know what to do, this is a very expensive laptop and the performance is aufull, its imposible to play like that. Any one had faced seme or similar issue? what else could I try? Thank you very much.

System Specs:
Core i7 13650HX
Nvidia RTX 4060 8GB
SSD Nvme Samsung 980 EVO 1TB


Level 8

Same problem i5-13450HX
Rebooting helps for a while
Use hdmi monitor

Level 9

I have the same laptop, after i open a game and close it, the stuttering will start over everything I open or use even the desktop, this problem only appears when using any Optimus mode, so in ultimate it's good with no unusual stutters.

Level 9

maybe you can try turning off every screen sync available - G-sync and Vesa sync , and just turn fast sync in nvidia panel ,for now this helped me , making more tests .

That could be something worth to test, can you tell me the driver version that you have? I have installed many, but I currently have the latest nvidia geforce version, and I don't see the g-sync option in advanced 3d settings, thank you.

I am on the latest version, And yes you have to open a game so the g-sync option will show up in Nvidia panel 

Level 8

Run game, and alt+tab, open nvidia panel
Only works on display without HDMI