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Currently when I turn on the G513RW, screen does not boot

Level 7

Hello my laptop is ROG Strix G513RW 2K. The problem is that sometimes when I turn on the laptop, the screen does not boot. This happens only when the system is turned on. I should also mention that the screen does not go dark after restarting. I should also mention that when I came across this issue, I updated the integrated AMD graphics driver to 23.8.1 (currently 23.8.2) by Adrenaline Edition. But everything in my system such as Windows and all drivers are updated. I tried other things, such as unplugging the mouse, Windows key + CTRL + SHIFT + B, etc., but it didn't work. When the screen does not come on, I have to turn off the laptop through the power button, and then when I turn it on, the display adapters are disabled, and then I enable them in the device manager, and then I restart the system and it is solved. But this problem is really serious and please guide me to solve it. Every time this happens, I am afraid that the system will be damaged. thank you