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CPU tuning on Scar 18?

Level 7
Hi. It looks like ROG Strix Scar 18 doesn't support 5600 MT/s RAM speed and has most of its CPU tuning options locked, even though it comes with an HX CPU which is supposed to be unlocked. Is this a deliberate and permanent design decision by ASUS, or just a temporary thing that will be resolved with future BIOS updates?

Level 9
They evolved from the past but for some reasons (may be because some users doing wrong settings in bios and sent their laptop to RMA), they decided to hide many settings.
I hoping they will increase at least undervolt range to 0-120.

They should advertise in bios wich settings are sensitive to play with and unlock everything like any motherboard.

Keep fingers crossed but I have doubt it will change soon. Got same problem with a 2018 asus laptop and I edited the bios to get features.