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Couple of issues with GL503VM

Level 7
Hey everyone,

I've been using the laptop for nearly a month now and everything has been going really well. The cpu and gpu idle in the mid 40's and when gaming they don't go above 70-75C.

One issue I'm having is that even when I leave the laptop to idle doing nothing or doing light things like web browsing the fans ramp up quite high and over 30 seconds the speed lowers to silence and this seems to happen every 2-3 minutes even thought the temperature is still stable in the 40's.

I don't really know why this happens and the constant ramping up and down is starting to annoy me. Asus gaming center doesn't seem to have anything to manually adjust fan speed (only fan overboost but I have no idea what this actually does). I also tried speedfan but the fans don't show up.

Also, when it's really quiet in my room I can hear like a very faint noise (so faint that I need to get my ear close to the keyboard to actually hear it) sort of a cross between an old dot matrix printer and the sound a hard drive makes when writing data (There are only ssds' in the laptop).

Some advice would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading.