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Connect ROG Strix Scar 18 via DC-DC Step up booster

Level 7

Hi there to all of the community!
I have a ROG Strix Scar 18 and I need to connect it via DC-DC Step up booster to be able to use my 12V LiFePo battery as a power source. So, the main question is: does the central pin of the PSU DC jack is used to communicate with laptop, like Dells and HPs do?
Long story short: I have 2 DC-DC Step up boosters - one has approx 150 - 180 Watts when up from 12V to 20V and another one has 265 Watts. And I've bought a 2-wire cable with 6 x 3.7 mm DC jack and a central pin. I don't know if the central pin is connected to any of the 2 wires inside the DC jack(under compound), but it definitely not connected elsewhere - as I said - on the other side we have just 2 regular wires for "+" and "-" terminals. When I've tried to connect my laptop to any of my 2 DC-DCs with that cable - nothing happened. Notebook just ignores that connection as if nothing happened.
And that's when a thought about the central pin appeared in my mind.
So, maybe, anyone could shed some light to this question?
Or, maybe, anyone has a datasheet for the A21-330P1A/A22-330P1A/A23-330P1A PSUs?

UPD: of course, there were no any intentions to put the laptop under any heavy load while working via DC-DC Step up booster - just to be able to power it via DC, using a LiFePo battery as a power source.
UPD2: yes, I know about the Type-C and Power delivery, but I can't just put 20 volts from the DC-DC to the Type-C port and to make it the correct way demands some bells and whistles to be used to make that happen. And I still won't be able to get more then 100 Watts on the Type-C port.


Level 7

So, seems no one has any thouthts or ideas at all?...