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Cleaning your G75 laptop

Level 7
So I regular clean my laptop to keep it shiny and new. Mostly I'm using the 'rag' that you get....But honestly it sucks.

Thats why I'm wondering what are you guys using to clean the outer of your pc? The Rag ain't doing the trick for me (Especially not on the screen) Only place the rag works magic is on the metal......

To clean inside it's the standard Clean Fans and use compressed air.

Level 11
wetnaps might work?
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I use leather wipes like the Armor All stuff you use on cars for the soft rubberized part and rubbing alcohol for everything else. Works like a charm.
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Level 10
Mild detergent and a damp paper towel for the outer casing.
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Level 7
Don't feel like puttin Alcohol for on my screen. Same goes with Wet wipes

Level 10
yea dont put any alcohol or wipes.. they are generally good, but not so good when it comes to a matt anti-glare screen. Unless you have the g75 with the gloss screen. Just use ur breath instead, it usually does the job in most cases.

Anyways, the BEST thing to use for cleaning ur g75 is a large size Micro-fibre cloth. It catches dust, is a soft and fluffy rag so u can stick it in and get it into all the nooks and crannies and it keeps ur g75 looking like brand new.

Level 7
Will keep a eye out for one of those then! Thanks Mr Wolf