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Casing on charger problem?

Level 7

Hi all. So lately the part of the segmented  charger has been making a noise when i bend the cord? I'm not sure if it used to do this or not. I've been told it's the casing, internal wiring, etc. i'm so worried and it's so difficult to find a replacement charger online, please help me 😞



Level 7

If it squeaks, then that's normal all chargers start squeaking after a while, it's just the rubber softening. maybe you could describe the noise it's making?

Hey! Thank you for answering. You know the noise when you take a water bottle and crush it in ur hand, it makes that kinda sound (like a plastic pop?) hmmm not really a squeak. 

I don't understand what you mean, if you could send a video maybe that would help.

Level 7

Also, you can always get a replacement charger for free, through your warranty.

Unfortunately my warranty has expired! And to be honest I think it's the rubber/plastic casing - there are still no burning or melted metal smells at all coming from the charger, so I believe I'll be fine. Thank you though!