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Case Modding and Repaste question G731GW

Level 7

I´ve got a G731GW with a loud running FAN in actual games (Resident Evil 8, Star Wars Battlefront II, Battlefield V, Code Vein, ...).
I think the FANs have bearing problems, which could be ignored.
To help my notebook cooling FANs, I bought a "KLIM Cyclone" as air support 🙂

This Friday, I started to play Battlefield 2042 with some friends and they wanted to know my ingame FPS. I never checked this in games before.
The FPS and CPU was under my expected values. Also the CPU temp near to 100 degrees.
It seems that the CPU is reducing the performance because of the temp. 😞

The FAN situation and the fact that my Warranty is over, I would like to plan a repaste with liquid metal, repad the stuff around and also like to change my FANs. 😮

I´m sure that i will be using Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut but i have some other Questions.

- Which type of cooling pads do I need? (1mm; 2mm; 3mm high)
- Which would be good new FANs for this or only original?
- Does someone have a manual or some pics for repaste on a G731GW?

I´ve also seen in a Forum entry ( ) that Case MOD with some new air windows would also better for cooling. Does someone has a manual or picture of such a MOD on a G731GW.

Happy about any reply to this :p:o